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Welcome to the Alfred Beernitz Beer Inventions Centre - a place where alchemy meets taste and entertainment. Follow in the footsteps of our great mysterious inventor as we pay tribute to his world of beer discovery, experiments, and mysterious experiences. If you visit Jeseníky Mountains, be sure to visit our extraordinary restaurant which is soon to open at a new, more accessible site. The Grand Opening is closing in and our invitation along with it.

Attractions and Mini-Museum

Do you know how the Small beer came into existence? How did the mysterious region of Jeseníky mark the inventions of Alfred Beernitze? What is Gustatus? How did the Microbrewery come into existence? Could beer be the first beverage whose composition inspired the successful research in the beverage of longevity? All this and much more can be learned and tasted in our world of remarkable experiences.

Ice and fire are elements which will open the door for you to a unique tasting of new beers and beverages with unique upgrades and inventions Alfred Beernitz devoted his life to. You yourself will experience some of the experiments, such as the burning beer, the fog lemonades with cooling Gustati, frozen under -100°C, the ignition of hands using unique beer foam, optical illusions, mysteries of alchemy, and much more.

When you arrive at Jeseník with a desire to experience a glint of mystery, remember that this unique location: The Alfred Beernitz BEER INVENTION CENTRE

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